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Looking for the best professional nails ideas, try this

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Do you know what nails you need to wear at your workplace? Are you confused about choosing what fits? Women employees have always found themselves in a situation where they are unable to choose the kind of nails, nail colors, polishes, gel, and tips to complement their workplace.

The workplace is a tricky place to experiment with nails. Depending on the outfit and look you have to pull, you always have to keep that professionalism required. Nails add color and glow to your life and outfits anytime. If you feel the need to experiment with nails, be smart about it, and ensure it blends perfectly.

Long nails, color, general nail polish, acrylic tips, nail art, and gel nail polish selection may be tricky while keeping it professional.

Acrylic nails

Here are a few ideas you can use depending on your  personality or wishes:


Bright red

You all know what the color red signifies; power and authority.  Get red nails done on the days you want to show an air of power and confidence. The bright polish matches with neutral outfits for a more professional look.

Royal blue

If you are a bright color nails enthusiast, royal blue is your ideal option. However, you need to wear it plain without patterns as the color itself is bright.  You should consider neutral outfits to complement the bright nail color.


Matte Mauve tips

Who made you believe that you cannot rock your colorful acrylic tips at work and that it shows unprofessionalism? You can choose matte mauve anytime as it adds a pop color to your already neutral work outfits with new glow and shine.

Neutral tips

Most working places are conservative and reserved which can uncertain when experimenting with nail tips. Workplaces shape your personality to be someone you are not and as a nail tips enthusiast, you may feel left out, but you can choose neutral tips like the taupe color which is plain and excellent for any workplace or outfit.

Nail art


Stripes are an ideal nail art you need for a creative workplace. If you love experimenting, this unique nail polish does the talking. To add life to your already boring outfit, stripes are the best as they add the pop.


Neutral taupe Gel

Taupe is a common neutral color that is fun with a perfect color for any workplace. It does not attract attention and you can match it with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Mix-matched gel

Gels are the best way of pulling a professional look anytime. If you want to experiment with gels, the neutral colors are the best as they show a high professional level for any workplace. For you to rock this polish, ensure to pick out only lighter colors with non-complicated designs.

Nail polish

Pearly white

Getting the nail polish that matches your outfit can be amazing. Pearly white is ideal for women who aren’t in the color affair. It blends perfectly with any office wear as they guarantee a sophisticated and professional look.

Glittered base

Sometimes you just want a nail polish color that not only brings out your naughty and fun side but also a natural professional look. I recommend a light grey coat with a glitters base for a funky look. 


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