Top websites with a job for everyone

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Unemployment is one of the biggest menaces we are fighting as Kenyans in2020. Most youths are finding it hard to transition from school to the job market. This is mostly due to the lack of opportunities in the already crowded market. On the other hand, companies and other employers are at crossroads selecting the most qualified job seekers with endless CVs and great potential.

The internet has become the savior of jobseekers and employers. With a crowded job sector, there are still a whole lot of opportunities for a few more. These websites give job seekers an opportunity to find their desired jobs, gain new skills and knowledge through job courses, career advice, and so on. They also save employers from going through a million CVs to find an employee with the potential and skills required.

Here is a list of job websites in Kenya you can use to find jobs that suit your skills and passion at no added cost:

Stars classifieds

This is a product of the star newspaper. This job website gives one an opportunity to look for work and that’s not only in Kenya but also those who want to dare abroad. The site’s requirement is to sign in so as to access the jobs. However, you can still access job opportunities without signing up. It has offered a variety of jobs from sales marketing etc.

Campus biz

This is a website flocked with students and recently graduated comrades who are looking for internships, attachments, and entry levels jobs as a start to grow their desired careers. You only require signing up and creating an account with them. The good news is that they have a lot of categories one can choose from in regards to one that will propel you to achieve your career goals. Moreover, it’s free.

Brighter Monday

It’s among the leading East African job websites which equal the highest number of job seekers and employers in its database. Its origin of the foundation is in Kenya and founded by Ringier One Africa Media. You get the most out of this website when you sign up or create an account.

Here, job seekers benefit from CV training, career planning, personality assessments, etc.  It also offers courses to get you equipped with skills that will get you a job depending on the industry, location in relation to country and city, and job activities. Ardent job seekers should subscribe to daily alerts of vacancies in their emails.


When you want to search for work on this website, you should create an account or sign up using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. When you are logged in job seekers are given a platform to learn and develop themselves.

FUZU offers free courses and insights on your career path from planning to grow. This website has a wide variety of categories from jobs, your location, work experience, interests, qualification, and many more. It has partnerships with Accenture which offer a high variety of courses to build a job seeker with skills.

Ajira Kenya

This website prides itself on the association of the government as it was created by the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology to empower the Kenyan youths to access digital jobs. Here, the youth are given free online training which will help job seekers find their interest in online work.

Ajira can be termed as the one-stop shop when it comes to amazing online job opportunities like local work in writing, engineering, architecture, software development, web development, graphic design, creative work, and many more.

Jobs in

It is known to be the best site for jobs for the Kenyan people. It has information on jobs from various departments from the engineering department, HR medical, social media, and more. All you have to do is send the job advert if you are a job seeker or employee and it will be advertised for free. You can reach them at

When using these websites, ensure you are not duped. Do not pay for any job offers as there are many cons waiting to prey on innocent desperate job seekers.


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