Ideal mobile money lending apps and websites in Kenya

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Mobile lending apps and site services have grown tremendously giving banks and Sacco’s stiff competition. Borrowing from these sites is simple and fast. You only need to download the apps or go to their websites, fill out application forms with your personal details, get approval, and voila you get your account is credited with the amount you asked for.

These apps are convenient as you get services at the comfort of your couch as opposed to long queues, numerous forms filling, and even demand collateral and guarantors which might tough and time-consuming. Most of these apps offer the best services and are there for you in urgency.

Mobile lending apps have an easy to apply process for a loan but in most cases, some have a higher interest charge which may be tricky for the loan receiver. Their boosted presence in the Kenyan market has improved businesses as well as taking care of bills. However, not every mobile app is the best, always read reviews before registering with them.

Here is a list of few money lending apps and websites:


This is a loveable app that has the best services. It comes with amazing offers for first-time users. For instance, for your first credit, the interest and service fee is zero. However, this is only applicable when you pay your borrowed amount within the stipulated time of 61 days. You can get the zenka app on your android phone in the Google play store, download, install, and register. You receive your loan after 5 minutes after filling the application form and you have qualified.

Mshwari by Safaricom

It’s the widely used mobile loan service in Kenya. Most of its users are Safaricom subscribers and we all know Safaricom is the leading telecommunication service provider in Kenya. Not only is it a lending app but also offers its customers an opportunity to save their money which earns an interest of 6.65% interest per year. You get to access a loan of 100 minimum and a maximum of up to 200,000 shillings depending on your limit. The account limit grows based on your credit repayment history.

KCB Mpesa

KCB Mpesa is a money lending service in collaboration with Safaricom. However, it owned by Kenya commercial bank, it can only be accessed through the M-Pesa menu on your phone and that’s why a registered Safaricom line is recommended. KCB Mpesa also gives you the opportunity to save which automatically makes you eligible to borrow more.


This is an app that is easily found on Google play store. You just download, install, and register on the app. This money lending app offers personal and business loans amounting to 60,000 shillings. They determine your credit score in regards to the personal details you have given, eligibility, and the period within which you have to pay. The only downside with this app is the 14% interest you have to pay when repaying your interest. The loan application is fast and your account is credited instantly.


With this blossoming business of mobile lending apps in Kenya, banks aren’t being left behind. Timiza, a Barclays bank service app allows its clients to get any banking services such as money transfers, insurance purchases, and loans application. Timiza app can be downloaded from the Google play store. You need to install and register with your real details. If you find it hard to access the app, send a short code to#848 to register.


This loan app offers you loans from a minimum of 500- 50,000 shillings. Repaying your loans takes 22-180 days. You are given enough time of paying your loan with an interest rate of 12% with no service fee. It’s easy to use after downloading and installing and registering with your details. Your details are verified and you can get the amount you qualify for within 5 minutes. Loan payment on time increases your credit limit to 50,000 shillings.


This is truly the easiest money lending app to have. You will have to download it from Google play store if you have an android phone and register with your personal information. This information is verified and you get your loan after a few minutes with their swift processes. When repaying your credit, your loan installments come from the Mpesa account automatically. You get no stress about pay bill numbers. However, this is only when your loan repayment is due.


The growing money lending app in Kenya and beyond is the branch app. This app gives you a loan of up to 70,000 shillings on your mobile phone. It is easy to access branch loans by downloading their app from Google, installing, and registering. Once applied, your loan is approved in less than 24 hours and with no hidden fees. This lender does not charge a fee when you are late in repaying and that’s why it has many users.


This app is easily found on Google play store. After downloading, you can sign up and start accessing their quick mobile loans. It is convenient to give your real personal details for your account to get verified and qualify for a loan. Users can enjoy up to Kshs 50,000.  You can check your credit performance or status on your Tala app. For loan repayment, you can make partial payments or pay at once.

Mobile lending apps have greatly increased in a few years. However, you need to be careful about registering with them without the proper information. People have been scammed by fake apps. Getting a genuine app is a blessing. This list has some of the legit apps you can try when you are in a fix or have an emergency.


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