Guide on replacing a lost birth Certificate in Kenya 2020

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Losing a birth certificate comes as stress on its own as you lose the form of your first identification. Every Kenyan citizen is required to have a birth certificate. After birth, every child is registered as a Kenyan citizen with an official document, the Birth Certificate. However, they first provide the parent with a birth notification used to apply for this unique document.

All across Kenya, a large number of its citizens have fallen prey to birth certificate loss. In return, some have lost opportunities such as school enrolment, Identity Card application, Visa and Passport application, etc. This important document is ideal at providing one service from the government.

Fortunately, replacing a lost or applying a birth certificate for the first time has been simplified and made easy. You can easily visit the Huduma center or the Registration of birth and death offices available in every county to get services.

To get a new or replace a birth cert, use:

Physical/traditional application

You need to have a copy of the notification of birth or the lost certificate. If you are below 18 years, your parents need to go to the civil registry with photocopies of their National ID and Notification of the birth of their child. In case you do not have a copy of any, consider reaching out to the relevant offices in your county to retrieve one.

Other birth registration requirements include:

  • Baptismal card
  • Original ID/Birth Certificate/passport for both parents. If you are an orphan, you may need to provide your parents’ death certificate
  • National Identity card
  • School leaving certificate etc.

For those who were born in Nairobi County, you may visit the Huduma center or the Office of the Registration of Births and Deaths. All is needed is the notification slip which will be used for validation of your date of birth and name then fill the form B1 and submit it to the registration officer present

Moreover, if you were born in another county other than Nairobi, visit Hass Plaza located on the Lower-Hill Road along Upper hill road. The standard processing fee for replacing or new applications may range from 50-200 shillings.

After application, you will receive a notification of the period you need to wait to receive your birth certificate.

A child less than 2 years can get the certificate from any Huduma center.

Online registration

 Applying and replacing a birth certificate has never been this easy with technology. You are able to apply your birth certificate at a cyber or in the comfort of your home. To apply online:

  • Go to the eCitizen portal. If you don’t have an account, create one
  • Once you log in, go to the civil registration department near the bottom of the page and click on the ‘get service button’ and then ‘make application’ button while selecting a birth certificate.  
  • Follow the instructions provided then submit them. You will be required to pay a fee of 180 shillings through Mpesa.

For processing to begin, submit a copy of the eCitizen invoice to the ACK Bishop House found at Bishop’s road off Ngong Road. Ensure you present documents required to apply for one.

Getting a birth certificate for the first time can be done in the same procedure. It is an important document that identifies you as a Kenyan citizen. Do not suffer in silence and wonder where to start from if you have lost your precious document, what you need is read this and you are good to go!


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