Guide on Becoming a KCB Bank agent in Kenya 2020

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KCB mtaani Agent

KCB, like any other major bank in Kenya, has embraced the use of banking agency services. With their KCB Mtaani service, this top bank has simplified banking services as customers can access banking services from their various agent shops nationwide.

Banking services such as withdrawals, deposits, fee payment, account opening, utility payments, funds transfer, and balance inquiry are some of the services you will get from a KCB Mtaani agent anywhere. Long gone is where customers had to walk into their nearby branch for services. You can easily access banking needs at the comfort of your home or stop at the agent at your door.

Opening a banking agency business has requirements you need to meet to own a shop. Visiting a KCB branch will enable you to open one at your convenience.

Here are the requirements to get you started:

  • The business should be able to make a deposit of Kshs 100,000 to start off the agent banking services
  • The business should be handled by at least one manager and two assistants who have the minimum qualification of KCPE Certificate
  • The business should be in existence for 18 months and above
  • The business should be serving at least 50 customers a day
  • The business must be an existing legal entity (company, partnership, sole proprietorship, organization)

If you have what is needed, visit any KCB Branch countrywide and see your dream prosper.


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