Do you need to renew your Driving License Online via eCitizen portal?

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Renewing your driving license in the past was a daunting task. Motorists had to queue at the KRA building to get services. With the National Transport and Safety Authority Act of 2012, you can easily and conveniently apply for a license online. It was mainly created to do away with the madness that was being experienced by motorists on the roads.

Most motorists may not notice their driving license expiry date. This ignorance has landed them in courts or on hefty fines.

The eCitizen portal is a free online service that enables Kenyans to access government services and make payments online. The NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) allows motorists to renew or apply licenses easily in 10 minutes.

From the eCitizen portal, you will find services such as:

  • Renewal of driving license
  • Payment for driving license
  • Application for a provisional driving license (PDL)
  • Booking a driving test
  • Downloading the interim driving license

The NTSA has a role to play on the roads. Since their introduction, there is a decreased-accident rate and deaths. This is what they do:

  • Transport licensing
  • Carrying out driver testing
  • Maintaining road safety
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Motor vehicle inspecting

To renew your license, do this:

  • Log into the NTSA/eCitizen portal using your email address or National ID number and your password. If you do not have an account, you can create one.
  •  On the homepage, select the National Transport and Safety Authority for online renewal of driving licenses in Kenya
  • On the NTSA dashboard, you can view your application you have made and click on “make the application”
  • You can click on driving licenses and choose your preferred option. If you want the three-year license, you will pay sh1450 inclusive of the NTSA convenience fee. For a one-year license, you are to pay 650 shillings.
  • Double-check your driving license renewal details and click on Apply Now then submit
  • Choose your desired payment option from mobile money, debit, or credit card.
  • After successful payment, submission, and application, you can print your driving license renewal slip.

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