Top online shopping sites in Kenya

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Have you ever wanted to get all your necessities with just a click, especially when you are in the comfort of your house? The introduction of online shops has made everything possible and easy. You can access a lot of your needs by just signing up into the sites, providing your location, and wait for what you have ordered as you pay using mobile money, debit, or on delivery.

There are various online shops in Kenya that deliver quality products without much strain on the customer. Once you have placed your order and pay, your goods are delivered in any part of the country. They offer great discounts and most have a money-back guarantee for goods that do not meet your quality or are faulty. For local goods, most deliver within a week while global items take 2-5 weeks depending on the product.

Here is a list of online shops that can be trusted for the best services:

1. Patabay

Its location is in Nairobi Kenya, Moi Avenue, Kimathi House 6th floor room 605.

It is known and considered as Kenya’s best online shopping site. You can get varied offers at the comfort of your house at affordable prices. From all your electronics, smartphones, TVs, fridges, fashion, and home appliances.  Patabay has got an App that can be downloaded from your Android or IOS.

Patabay is considered to have reliable and fast delivery services. If you are looking for genuine and quality products at affordable prices, this is your one-stop-shop. It is known for its excellent customer and after-sale services. They deliver products to different parts of the country at a small fee.

2. Jumia

Anything you are looking for can be purchased from Jumia online shop Kenya. It is considered as the number one online shopping solution.

Jumia is famous for their ‘Black Friday’ season of great offers and reduced prices.

They have unlimited offers and deliveries on various products on different seasons.

Their official stores have items from big brands like Dettol, Huawei, Ramtoms, Nivea, LG, Sony, and all trusted brands.

For all your orders you pay on delivery after checking the product and you also have the option of paying using credit, debit, or mobile money.

They have return policies whereby you are required to select the items you wish to return the reason and give reasons that will help to identify the issue with the product.

By clicking you can access their site.

Jumia has got the following products and services:

  1. Jumia global– the products are sent by traders located outside Kenya. They are flagged on the top right corner as ‘Shipped from overseas’.
  2. Jumia express– the orders get delivered to you as fast as the next business day on thousands of items.
  3. Jumia food– you can order food anywhere and get it delivered at your doorstep.


Pigiame is the leading online marketplace that connects you with the nearby verified sellers and buyers that you can trust. It is an online classified platform that offers a variety of products ranging from beauty, hair, property, electronics, garden, and kids.

On Pigiame, you find whatever you need easily no matter your budget. You can advertise your products and services on Kenya’s largest online classified by simply posting your Ad or registering your business with them.

Jambo shoppe

They are known as the number one online supermarket. With a single click, you can find everything you are looking for under one store.

Jambo shoppe houses everything you can possibly imagine from trending electronics like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. When it comes to trendy fashion, you will find everything from shoes, clothing, and accessories. Appliances that make life easy like washing machines, TVs, blenders, and other timesaving kitchen and small appliances are available. It is a one-stop-shop for every product under the sun.

You can shop from anywhere in Kenya and have it delivered at your doorstep or your selected pick up point.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly phone, newborn clothes, house appliances Jambo shoppe is the place to be.

They are involved with various brand products from Nokia, Samsung, LG, Tecno, Huawei, and Infinix, etc.


You can sell and buy like on the local market but much easier.

You can post an Ad for free and find anything you are looking for in major cities and towns in Kenya.  It is more recommended to pay at delivery after confirming the product.


They are known as the affordable online store. They offer competitive prices on their 10 million plus product range. When you make your order, payment is done with the most secure payment methods such as mobile money and credit or debit cards. Buyers’ protection is guaranteed. They offer worldwide delivery services for over 20 countries and regions.


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