Simple tips to help you a free-snoring sleep

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Are you affected by snoring? Do you know you can become snoring-free with ease? Snoring is a common issue affecting people of all ages, especially adults. It is an irritating condition that does not only affect the victim but also the sleep partners. It is a strange issue as the snorer has no idea they are snoring.

Snoring happens when air flows through your throat when you breathe during your sleep. This causes relaxation in the throat tissues which when relaxed vibrate causing harsh irritating sounds related to snoring. It can be aggravated by certain issues including obesity, poor sleeping position, smoking, alcohol intake, diseases, and medication.

Simple lifestyle changes may help you stop snoring and make peace with those around you.  

Try these simple tips and revive your better sleep:

Lose weight                     

Having extra weight than normal may cause you to snow. To lose weight, start by eating a well-balanced diet in small portions, reducing calorie intake, and exercise. The more you reduce in size, the increased tissue loss in the throat. When you have lots of throat tissues, the more the snoring.

Sleep on your side

Sleeping position matters in the reduction of snoring. Most people find sleeping on their backs appealing and comfortable but it makes them snore more. That is because of the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back of the wall in your throat which blocks the airways.

Sleeping on your sides, especially your left side will aid in slow airflow giving you a peaceful sleep free from snoring.

Quit smoking if you do

Smoking most of the time leads to snoring as smoking affects the membranes in the nose and throat leading to the blockage in the airways. However, smoking may be a hard habit to quit, you can try out the nicotine gums and nicotine patches such as LYFT.

Get enough sleep

You are recommended to sleep up to 8 hours every night. Lack of enough sleep may drain your body and relax your throat muscles which might cause snoring.

Raise the head of your bed

To remove pressure from your head and neck, you need to elevate your mattress a few inches or your head bed. If your body is relaxed and well elevated, your airways will be open for smooth breathing.

Get orthopedic pillows

Get special and comfortable pillows that will help naturally position your neck and head perfectly.  This will help your airwaves open for a great flow of air doing away with snoring.

Avoid sedatives before bed

Sedatives are medications that relax muscles. When your body relaxes, the oropharynx collapses, and snoring comes about.


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