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Panic attacks are made of intense surges of fear, panic, and anxiety. They are very overwhelming and have physical and emotional symptoms. People who experience panic attacks exhibit symptoms like difficulty in breathing, sweating profusely, trembling, heart-pounding, and chest pains.

Most victims of panic attacks have a feeling of detachment from reality or their surrounding which is scary at the thought they may be having a heart attack or stroke.

Panic attacks can be scary especially when they hit you unexpectedly. They are a common issue and you can control it using these tips:

Deep breathing

Deep breathing reduces symptoms of a panic attack. You should focus on taking deep breaths in and out through your mouth. You will feel the air slowly fill your chest and belly and slowly leave them. You can try breathing in for a count of four, hold for a second, and then breathe out.

Recognize that you are having a Panic attack

Once you notice you are having a panic attack, you can control it by uttering positive words to yourself. It lets you do away with the thought that you are dying of a heart attack or you are in danger. When you are afraid, you can focus on other techniques to reduce your panic attack symptoms.

Close your Eyes

Panic attacks always come from triggers that truly overwhelm. In most cases, they happen when you are in an environment that can trigger your attacks. It’s better to close your eyes during the attack so as to reduce the stimuli while making it easy for you to focus on your breathing.

Find a Focus Object

During a panic attack, it is always better to find an object or a person to focus all your attention on. This will help you to consciously note everything about them such as their hairstyle, jackets, perfume smell, eye color, laugh, etc. when your full attention is on them, your panic attack symptoms subside.

Picture your Happy Place

Try imagining what is the most relaxing place you can go to in the world; either the beach or a park.  Try picturing yourself there, focuses on the details. For instance, in a park, imagine your favorite bench, the green grasses, and just natural air and you are alone.  A calm quiet relaxing place always does the magic on reducing your panic attacks symptoms.

Have your Mantra that you recite internally

When experiencing a panic attack, you should always have a mantra that you recite internally that is relaxing and reassuring. This gives you something to grasp during the attack. Your mantra should be one that speaks to you personally and you respect it constantly till you feel the panic attack starts to subside. You can give a mantra-like, ‘’I’m strong’’, and ‘’I’m courageous”.

Engage in Light Exercise

Light exercises are gentle on your body. A simple walk, jogging, or swimming can greatly help. A little body activity brings about endorphins that are responsible for improving our mood. Any light exercises do not hinder your breathing which is effective for controlling your panic attacks symptoms.


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