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What made you choose locks? Is your choice worthwhile? Anyone who chose to have locks will give you the positive effects of embracing them; they are cheaper and do not require lots of maintenance and so on. Most hairstyles are costly and they may need more attention to fit your desired look. Locks are easy to style and play around with various styles depending on your professionalism, style, and occasion.

Having locks guarantee you massive savings on products and retouch. It is a decision you will live to celebrate being in the locks family. A natural hair you can rock anywhere. You can experiment with dyes, styles, and lengths to fit your need.

However, locks are ideal, but without proper care, you may find them a nuisance. Buildup and breakage of ‘dreads’ is a common issue but you can easily do away with while maintaining the shine and health.

Here are a few tips to help in you locks regiment t to keep them healthy and beautiful:

Ensure they are moisturized

The belief that locks do not require moisturizer as your natural loose hair is absurd. The hair experts recommend total moisturizer session with your hair to minimize breaking and creating brittle ends. To be on the safe side, go for products; especially leave-in moisturizers for the best results.

Use apple cider vinegar in place of conditioners

Most ‘lock doctors’ advice on not using conditioners daily on your locks.  These products’ may be harsh for your hair as well as cause your new or start-up locks to be weak and break often. Apple cider vinegar is ideal for eliminating build ups while keeping the shine. Instead of spending more on conditioners, you may start using your kitchen ingredient.

Limit washing

Most of the time, our locks are affected by the build-up and bad smells which might tempt you to wash them. Constantly washing your scalp will make your scalp dry resulting in itchiness flaking, breaking, and thinning locks. For mature locks, you can wash a fortnight while new ones are recommended after 10 -20 days.

Dry your locks after washing

When we do not dry our locks well they develop a mildew smell. You can invest in a drier but ensure it’s on low heat to dry your hair or let it sundry. While at it ensure that your locks are loose and don’t cover them until you are sure they are dry

 Use natural oils

Embrace essential oils like olive and coconut oil to give your locks a natural shine and glow. You can also try to dilute tea tree oil which contains antifungal properties that keep away fungal infections. You can go a notch higher with the famous Jamaican black castor oil to moisturize your scalp and keep it healthy. A healthy scalp guarantees you longer, stronger, and healthier locks.

Cover your locks at night

Before bed, it is recommended to cover your locks with satin scarfs or simple bonnets to keep your locks moisturized and healthy. You are assured of no breaking with a unique and radiant glow and shine.

Do not use a lot of products on your locks

Locks are naturally made from matted or coiling your loose hair.  Since they are prone to build up, you should avoid excessive use of products on them.

Prioritize on products your locks need and not those you want. Minimize the excess use of leave-in moisturizers and conditioners as they tend to leave behind a lot of residues resulting in buildup.  If you have to use the products use the lighter ones.


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