Skincare tips for oily skin

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Is oily skin giving you sleepless nights? Every woman needs a glowing yet clear healthy skin. However, getting a skin type you need may be tricky as we have different skin tones. One major issue is the oily skin which comes as a result of the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands located under the surface of the skin.

Getting a product that fits your skin needs may be tricky as all promise the best. However, before trying out cosmetic products, be sure to know what is causing your oily skin.

Try out this tips to remove excess oi from your skin:

Wash your face

face washing routine

Do you want to have that flawless skin? You are required to wash your face regularly at least twice a day that is morning and night. Use products that will work best for you like foaming soap, facial cleansers, or lotion cleansers. The work of the cleansers is to cleanse away excess oil from your skin and leave you feeling fresh and clean. For your skin type, you are advised to use a facial cleanser that is gentle on your skin. The most recommended is one with a gel base that will cleanse your pores and drive away excess oil.


Is your skin receiving the attention it requires? Why do I need to exfoliate my skin? Exfoliation is a method of removing dead skin cells build-up from the surface of your skin, and pave the way to healthier better-balanced skin. The exfoliator has to deeply cleanse your pores and ensure that the shine is reduced. Settle on exfoliators that are gentle and not abrasive or rough. Get a scrub that goes well with your skin putting in mind that you have a sensitive skin type.

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Oil-free diet

What you eat will have a way of reflecting its effects on theinside body. For a healthy and glowing skin, be keen on your diet lest you worsen your situation. A proper healthy diet will manifest its benefit on the skin anytime. Consider one rich in omega 3 fatty acids vital in reducing inflammation and improving symptoms of acne. Other foods like spinach, wild rice, soybeans, are best for your skin.


If you dream of having a skin that feels smooth and bright, oatmeal products do the trick. Oatmeal is known to absorb sebum while leaving your skin with a smooth sensation. It reduces irritation and redness caused by acne. You can use oatmeal twice a week in cases of skin redness. However, it can be used daily for quality results.

Cosmetic clay

The application of clay masks once or twice a week is essential for oily skin types. Cosmetic clay is used to draw excess oil away from your pores. A good example is bentonite clay which absorbs excess sebum.


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