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Foot health

Do you know smelly feet are manageable? Most people find themselves in a situation where they are not free getting their shoes off.  It is a serious issue that requires lots of changes to get the right result. Smelly feet are an embarrassment,  sadly, it is common. It is mainly caused by a lack of ventilation to the feet, poor hygiene, and diseases.

Getting the right medication for your smelly feet may be tricky if you do not know what is causing. Seeking a doctor’s opinion before starting natural remedies is advisable if your condition is severe.  However, for mild symptoms, you can try any of these:

Good hygiene routines

For your smelly feet, you need to start with a general hygiene routine. Wash your feet with a brush and mild soap to curb the smell. Cut your nails anytime they are long and sharp as they store dirt which might worsen your issue. After cleaning your feet, always ensure you dry them using a clean and dry towel. You can also (optional) apply baby powder to dry them. Moreover, avoid putting on the same shoes daily.

Invest in a good spray

If your condition is serious, its time you opt to buy yourself a nice deodorant or antiperspirant to do away or make the smell appear mild. In most cases, try that if the smell makes you and people near you uncomfortable

.Wear the right socks

When it comes to wearing socks, ensure they are clean and dry. Wet or dirty socks worsen the smell. You can invest in soaks that are made with chemicals to reduce bacteria which bring about athletes’ foot.  Wool socks are most recommended as they pull away sweat from your feet. 

Embrace a healthy balance diet

Ensure fruits and vegetables share half the meal you have every day.  It is recommended you serve carbohydrate ¼ and proteins ¼ and half vitamins. Reduce your red meat intake and take fish instead as it takes a lot of energy for your body to break it down which equates to a lot of sweat. You can also do away with sulfur content foods like garlic, cabbage, and onions. For processes foods, if you must take, observe portion control.

Use Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider is like a must-have in every household. It does not only help in digestion and weight loss regimes but also heals. Apple cider is a magical wonder loaded with phenolic and acetic acid which kill bacteria and dry excess sweat as these two are the main causes of smelly feet.

Apple cider vinegar is affordable and easy to use. Take a ½ a cup of it mix with a jug of water and let your feet soak in it for around 20 minutes. You can include this in your cleanliness routine depending on how smelly your feet are. Do this twice a week for best results.

Buy medicated insoles

One of the major causes of smelly feet is wet feet as a result of sweating. Medicated insoles take care of feet wetness by absorbing excess moisture your feet products. Most insoles are made of baking powder and charcoal.

Natural products are always the best when handling the smell in your feet. However, depending on the degree of your issue, you can visit a professional to prescribe the right medication if they do not give you the relief you need.

When using these products, there is a need for patience and consistency as you cannot treat and change your situation overnight.


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