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Gaming has become one of the ways people get entertained in the world today. In 2017 the Global gaming industry was valued at $108.9 billion and as at now boasts over $2 billion active gamers all over the world. Games are fun to play but for one to get the best games on their PC, they require one to part with a few dollars.

Creating games is so tiring and expensive. However, it’s always stressful for those who cannot afford it. Depending on your preference, there is something for you. This review has some of the best sites you can download games for free. If you need to enjoy more and get all the benefits, you can choose the premium games you can pay for.

Here are some of the best games of all time:

1. Battle.Net

Being in the market for over 22 years you can imagine. It is among the best websites for downloading free PC games. This online gaming store has given gamers a lot of fun in the whole world. They have assorted inventory that has made gamers give to them. They also do the most amazing things in the gaming world, they give out some free games from time to time. Their most popular free games include World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

2. Epic Games Store

It’s a new site but it’s loved by gamers you can imagine a video storefront that gives you the opportunity to download a new free premium game after just two weeks. It’s also loved for giving incredible discounts on video games. They also have a way of giving back to the gaming people a new free video game after two weeks. Their free game section offers games like stories untold and the World of Goo.

They have given a promise to deliver other free games in the future where games will have continuous fun for free or just a little cost.

3. Steam

Steam boasts itself as the safest website to download free PC games full version. It is a website that Mac owners and those of Windows 7 and 10 can download games. Its been in existence for over 13 years and its still the best. It gives a single-player game and multiplayer game options. It also has a wide range of free games hence you are sure to be kept busy all year. It has game categories from adventures and action.

You can also get free popular games like Planes attack, Super jigsaw puzzle, Jumping Master, Fluid Lander, and many more.

4. Microsoft Games

Microsoft is best known for its office suite also has so much more. This software giant is home to a lot of free PC Games that will have you stuck on your PC for a long.

Microsoft boasts of itself as the store that offers everything you need. It has a library of old games and also more recent games, that’s why it’s so hard for you to go through their amazing catalog and not be hooked to it. It also has games for everyone’s gaming taste. Microsoft comes with free premium games like ROBLOX, Candy crush Soda saga, Microsoft Jigsaw, Hill climb racing, etc.

5. Game Jolt

The site boasts to have on top of the list games with a great FPS quality. It is readily available at any required time. This software company has saved game lovers a lot of money for the past years as it commits to bridge a gap between high-end games and die-hard gamers. It’s a store of all games ranging from adventure, action, puzzles, etc. Whatever a game enthusiast wants, they have it. They have options for single-player games or multiple player games. To access these games, you have to sign up. Moreover, it is free guaranteeing you unlimited access and fun to your PC.


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