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How to grow thick eyebrows permanently

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Have you ever envied someone whose eyebrows are thick, long, and their appearance is outstanding? You may be wondering how they make it happen. That hair that grows above your eyes, grows naturally and requires good maintenance to ensure that the desired growth is achieved.

The following ways will be of great assistance in ensuring that the eyebrow growth happens.

Eat a well balanced meal.

The epitome of any growth depends on your diet. If you want your eyebrows to grow in full length, a well-balanced diet has got all the answers.  Foods like red meat and fish are rich in iron and are recommended to be part of your diet as they stimulate hair growth. Some food rich in Biotin, Vitamin A, C, D, and E have nutrients that support hair growth which enhances the thick growth of your eyebrows.

In cases where you are not getting required nutrients, supplements can work best.


The key to achieving anything in life requires patience. Normally hair grows at a consistent rate of one-third to one-half an inch per month. There is no hurry when you want the best results. When you practice patience on your eyebrows to let us say 6 months, the desired length will have reached, and hence you give it a good shape from your beautician.

Avoid over plucking

This is one thing you must not try on your eyebrows as it will slow down the growth. Your eyebrows will grow to the length you want if you don’t pluck them. Plucking damages the hair follicle eternally which makes hair not to grow back.

Avoid make-up

Who doesn’t want to look good by applying make-up on their face? Make-up as good as it is on you, but it may also have its cons on your eyebrows. Too much make-up stunts the growth of your eyebrows. To be on the safe side, desist from applying cream, lotions, oils, and serums on your eyebrows. Make-up blocks the growth and makes your hair shed.

Apply castor oil

Applying castor oil every night before going to bed works wonders. It is loaded with nutrients that speed up hair growth. Using a brush, massage gently on the eyebrows for long and thicker eyebrows.

Vaseline application

What makes Vaseline so important on the brows? Will it make my eyebrows grow? Think no further. Vaseline is essential as it is used as a moisture lock, something that is useful in speeding up the skin’s natural recovery. Vaseline application on the brows is a simple process. Clean up and ensure your brow area is dried. By the use of your fingertips, apply Vaseline over them most likely three to four times a day. The results will speak for themselves.


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