Traveling on budget tips in Kenya

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Traveling on budget in Kenya

Do you know anyone can travel? When it comes to traveling, you do not have to have a lot of money for you to travel across the country. If you are a travel enthusiast, you are aware of what traveling is and what is required to make the best out of your vacation.

For a better vacation, you need to make prior plans on accommodation, means of transport, and food. Travelling is fun and memorable if you stick to your budget. You do not wish to splash out all your savings when you have the option of saving more with budget-friendly travel packages.

The success of a journey should be evident when your trip comes to an end and you are relaxed with a few coins left in your wallet. A better plan should always be in place before boarding that plane or bus.

To make it simpler yet convenient, include these tips for better travels:         

Affordable accommodation

With these social media craze, one wants to pass across the image that they are successful and end up choosing to book very popular and expensive hotels to stay in. This is tricky when you are traveling on a budget ad wish to have fun at a lower case. Find your self nice hotels with affordable prices and let fun find you wherever you are.

Do hotel bookings early

When it comes to making hotel reservations, try early booking. Most hotels offer discounts to clients who book earlier as compared to last-minute customers who book on arrival. Those who book late tend to pay more as they are in desperate need of where to stay.

Travel during low seasons

When you plan to travel during the important holidays like Christmas and Easter, expect to spend a lot of money as it’s the peak season with many people traveling. In most cases, bus tickets, plane tickets, and hotel reservations prices hikes up leading you to spend more. Plan your vacation during odd months with fewer people traveling as it will save you some cash and create more memories with less crowded areas, such as the beach.

Use public means of transport

The temptation to use your car or rent one when going on a trip is high. Probably, what you have in your mind is, you driving that car will be more comfortable and fun. Without thinking of the cost to incur when fueling or repairing in case of break down. As much as you may feel public transport is uncomfortable, that’s not the case. You got to interact and enjoy the view without thinking of more costs and responsibilities. You will relax and enjoy the scenery, by the way, driving is tiring and that’s not what you need now!

Carry your own food and water

When you know you are traveling on a budget, it is recommended you carry your own snacks and water. With an already packed lunch, you are sure you will not spend more on reveler hotels which are quite costly during your road trip or short rides.

Travel in groups

Traveling in groups will save you more. As you need to co-share on the costs, the probability of spending more is null. If you do not know how to create a traveling group, you can link up with your friends to go on a vacation or join travel groups on social media like Facebook to make friends and organize your travels. You will create memories and enjoy the experience with more fun. As a group, you may receive an eateries discount which is cool, right?


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