Guide on How to apply or renew a Kenyan passport 2020

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Applying for a Kenyan passport with the introduction of the e-passport system has been simplified. It does not only take a shorter processing time but it’s affordable. Before 2017, applying, renewing, or replacing a passport was a hectic process as many lacked the right information on where to start.

Through this system, you can replace and apply for a new passport as well as access government services with ease.

What are the requirements of applying or renewing a passport?

Whether you are renewing or applying for the first time, the requirements are the same. The only difference is for renewal, you need a copy of your old passport. Here is what is required to help you book that ticket:

  • The pre-filled e-passport application form
  • An original National Id card with a photocopy
  • An original birth certificate and photocopy
  • Certificate of naturalization or registration and Renunciation Certificate of former citizenship (if applicable).
  • A Digital sized photograph
  • Your parents National IDs and photocopies. If they are deceased, you will need their death certificate. In case you are adopted, an adoption certificate or a clearance letter from the children’s department will do.
  • If the applicant is below 18 years of age, they will need their parents/guardians written consent
  • Your recommender’s National ID card and photocopies. Advocates, Religious leaders, Doctors, Civil servants, teachers, and bankers can act as recommenders.
  • 3 copies of invoice/payment receipts.
  • An old passport or copy if you are applying for a renewal

Passport Charges

Depending on the passport you need, there are various charges you need to pay. That is, for A 32 paged ordinary “A” series passport, the charges are Kshs. 4,550, mutilated passport Kshs. 10,050, a 48 pages ordinary “B” series passport Kshs 6,050, East African passport Kshs. 990, 64 pages “C” series passport Kshs. 7,550, lost passport Kshs. 12,050 and a diplomatic passport with 48 pages Kshs. 7,550.

How to apply for a passport

  • Register on
  • Once you log in, go to the department of Immigration services and click on the e-passport application form
  • Read instructions and fill it correctly
  • Select the mode of payment; (Mobile money, credit, debit cards, and online banking) and complete the transaction.
  • Download the application form after confirming all the details are accurate then print it.
  • After printing, accompany the form with 3 copies of the payment receipts and the required documents and submit them to the immigration department or Huduma center near you. Ensure you go in person as your biometrics and photograph will be required.

Processing should take 10 working days for the first applicant if the form is submitted correctly. If you have an incomplete form, it will require another 5 days to receive your passport.


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