How to treat cellulite in women permanently

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Do you find it hard-wearing your cute little dress and booty shorts due to cellulite? Are you embarrassed by your cellulite? Cellulite is a common issue that affects 90% of women worldwide. What is cellulite? It is the fat lumps deposited under the skin, mainly on the back, thighs, and bums.

Women are sensitive to their bodies and will easily get affected if everything does not reach their beauty standards. Those with cellulite are embarrassed and try as much as possible to cover them fully or get surgery or cosmetic products. In most cases, they lose confidence and reduced self-esteem due to this ‘imperfection’.

They come as a result of genetic issues and lifestyle factors including improper diet and sedentary lifestyle. However, with a few changes and patience, you are sure of rocking your short outfit anytime.  

Here is what you can do:

Lose weight        

Extra weight makes your cellulite more visible or showing. To make it disappear, consider taking on a weight loss routine that helps you lose weight gradually. Exercises such as swimming, running, and cardio work well with patience and consistency. It is recommended you avoid the instant weigh loss programs as that makes your cellulite worse with saggy skin.

Massage the dimpled zone   

Truly identify the areas with cellulite and ensure to include five minutes in your beauty routine to massage the spots with your lotion or petroleum jelly. Massage is meant to improve your blood flow and release excess fluid which tends to make your dimples less noticeable

Use products with retinol

When you decide to resort to creams to help with cellulite, choose one with retinol. This property gives your skin a smooth feel and a fresh look. To start seeing results, apply it for almost 6 months and the retinol content in your cream should be 0.3%. Retinol thickens your skin’s outer layer while helping you cover the bumpy areas underneath.

Drink water

This is the easiest and affordable solution to your cellulite. Water is not only for keeping your body hydrated but keeps toxins out of your system while encouraging great blood flow around your body.

Eat healthy food

Ensure your diet comprises of a lot of leafy greens. It is recommended you take a half serving of proteins and carbohydrates while the other half should consist of salads, fruits, vegetables, and smoothies. Avoid junk food, carbonated drinks, fatty foods, alcohol, refined carbs, and excess sugar intake as they contribute to increased body fat stores resulting in cellulite.


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