Top 6 sites to stream Movies and TV Shows

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Watching movies has never been this easy. Nowadays, going to cinemas to watch movies or buy at the local store is a thing of the past. These activities are tiresome and expensive as compared to streaming your movies from various streaming sites.

Everything to do with movies has been simplified. However, while signing up or accessing these sites your information might be hacked or for those not licensed in your country will force one to employ a VPN and a proxy server to stream, you are sure of the best services.

There are incredible streaming sites that show the latest movies and of high quality. The come with subtitles that you can read while watching the movies to fully understand, Light and dark mode, account registration, and a beautifier user interface. Most sites have amazing ads and links to important pages.

  1. Vudu

Popularly known as a movie rental site, Vudu gives you the opportunity to stream movies for free. But it boasts of an exciting catalog that comprises of Animation shows, comedy clubs, Cartoons, and dramas.

When streaming movies, Ads appear in between but that’s not bad when you are guaranteed free content and high quality videos. The only thing you have to do is to sign up on the website and it does not require one to pay.

2. Tubi

It is the best TV show streaming site that allows you to watch TV show episodes without even signing up. However, you can choose to sign up and enjoy a few benefits like creating your own watch list of favorites and resume your playbacks across different devices. It has a neat catalog with outlined categories, Live TV comedies, Reality TV, Crime TV, and TV dramas. Tubi has more movies than TV series collection but its all worth your time. It has a good streaming quality at the same time you can switch your devices.

3.  F movies

This site boasts to give viewers any movie and TV series that is available and trending with the best qualities to choose from. For an awesome experience viewers may decide to sign up so that they are updated of the latest movies and series. It has a beautiful color and UI. Its movies and TV series are organized by the genre, anime, country, release year, the most watched and an A-Z list. You can also request movies that aren’t on the site. Its main downsize is the Ads.

4. Yes Movies

Yes movies is a streaming site well known for its robust filter and great movie catalog that works nicely with its dark UI theme. On the site, you are able to filter movies and TV shows according to the release year, most viewed genre, quality, and country. It also has a feature that allows you to choose your movies in HD.

5.  Crackle

 It is a Sony-owned website that is trusted for its quality and reliability. It has a great collection of TV shows like the blacklist, redemption, the shield and also has the best animation series. You also get an opportunity to view movies for free. You have the option of watching your TV shows while on the move on your Android and IOS apps. However, when streaming, you will have to endure Ads and commercials while watching the content.

The good news is that even if the content on crackle is blocked in your country due to license restrictions, you can simply change and access it by using a VPN or a proxy server.

6. AZ Movies

With AZ Movies, you are guaranteed movies in HD quality and only the latest. Its homepage gives the viewer a chance to select any recently added movie or choose to filter movies by the genre or year. You can also find movies getting the most attractive online by going to the option featured.


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