8 tips for strong beautiful nails

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Do you need healthy and beautiful nails? If you love your nails, issues such as chipping, peeling, breaking, and splitting are common. However, every woman’s dream is to have beautiful nails, achieving that can almost be impossible. For best results, most try costly beauty products that lack the guarantee of amazingly looking nails. You do not want to see your nails breaking when you are washing, right? Invest in them. They complete any beauty routine, which is always forgotten.

Various products on the market promise you the strongest, beautiful, and healthy nails. However, do they keep the promise? Some do. It’s relaxing to know you have a great nail product to keep your nails in the open without fear and embarrassment.

Before selecting the so expensive products, you may need to consider these tips:

  1. Moisturize your hand and nails      

With the daily hand washing routine, you may deplete moisture on your hands. This may leave you with dry and unhealthy nails. Always ensure you apply a hand moisturizer, any kind, on your nails to soften and hydrate them. Daily moisturizing will save you more on splitting and breakages.

2. Keep your hand and nails clean

To ensure you have amazing nails, you need to keep them clean. Always wash your hands and nails every day. Your nails, mostly if they are long, store dirt which can lead to infections or breakage. A nail brush will help remove all the dirt for beautiful nails.

3. Polish your nails

Who knew nail polish keeps your nails strong and hydrated? Most of the polishes are known for beauty. You can choose any nail polish and apply as a base coat, mostly with the colorless type, and one or two coatings and the final topcoat.  The base coat is mainly to ensure great adhesion to the nail plate as well as prevent chipping and discoloration. Your favorite polish could save you from nail dehydration.

4. Avoid Nail Hardeners

Most women have an issue with keeping their nails brittle. They believe the notion of “nail doctors” that nail hardeners keep your nails strong and minimize breaking. What you miss is that these products make your nails drier and prone to breaking and chipping.

Nail hardeners contain a substance Toluene-Sulfonamide-formaldehyde which blocks moisture and dehydrate your nails. Some claim to be free from the substances but it’s present.

5. Avoid excess use of nail polish remover

Nail polish removers are ideal in removing polish but can sometimes cause harm to your nails if used in excess. Some contain chemical solvents such as alcohol and acetone which leave your nails week and dry. The nail polish conditioners can be a substitute but are not very effective. For healthy and strong nails, limit the use of polish removers.

6. Keep your Nail tips roundly shaped

For nail enthusiasts, long sharp nails are not new. Most women try experimenting with their nails for beauty. However, keeping your nails sharp-pointed and long can be the stat to breaking in case of washing chores. To minimize breaking and chipping, ensure your nails are short or medium with a rounded tip.

7. Do not bite your nails

Biting nails is one of the unhealthiest behaviors most people possess, men and women. Nails are not always clean and the practice leads to chirpy and split nails, infections, and bleeding. It’s like a disorder that might be hard to stop but techniques such as chewing gum and doing manicure can be ideal for driving away focus from your nails. Your nails need a little care which biting will always block. You need strong nails, right? Stop biting them!

8. Wear protective gloves when washing dishes, gardening or household chores

Chores such as gardening, washing dishes or doing laundry may not be tough on your body but nails too. Most of these chores leave your nails brittle and dry which exposes them to breaking and splitting. Washing may require the use of chemicals which may not be safe for your hands and nails. To guarantee safety, protective gloves will do. Gardening requires good gloves to protect your hands from blisters and sharp objects. For cleaning, latex gloves with cotton lining will do the trick.

Getting strong, brittle, and healthy nails have never been this easy. Nail products are effective for the health of your nails. However, it does not mean you have to spend much to have beautiful nails. Hope these tips help!


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